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The era of critical minerals has arrived and mining companies across the globe are helping to build the path to net zero.

Climate Action Needs Mining

Why Mining?

Mining is vital due to growing global demand driven by population growth, urbanization, and material science innovation. Metals from mines are essential in virtually every consumer good from the homes that we live in to the cars that we drive to the laptops that we use.

The Future of Mining (FOM) aims to create awareness to the world concerning the role that the mining industry plays in global decarbonization efforts by sustainably supplying critical and industrial minerals.

Future Of


Championing environmentally sustainable practices within the mining industry


Striving for positive impacts and uplifting local communities


Changing the corporate culture to be inclusive of Profits, People, and Planet.


Promoting inclusivity and cultural awareness on the lands where mining operations reside.

Understand how mining is transforming to help the world

Discover how the mining industry is actively adopting climate-smart practices to decarbonize and uplift local communities. 


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